Thursday, 29 June 2017

How is Beef Jerky Healthy and How to Include It in Your Diet?

The history of beef jerky is an interesting one. Nowadays, it is the snack choice for the fitness experts and those looking to lose weight, but the history of beef jerky go further back. In the earlier times, this used to be a way of storing meat for the winters when hunting was tough and food was tough to come by. It is believed that the first form of beef jerky might have been made by Native American descendants from the Incas.

Simply speaking, beef jerky is made by salting strips of meat and heating it till appropriately cooked. Nowadays, some light spices might be added to enhance its flavor and make it more delicious. Nutritionally speaking, this simple snack is a goldmine. Read on below to find out exactly what makes beef jerky from Top Herd so healthy:

Nutritional Count in Beef Jerky

·         Protein is obviously one of the most important nutrition present in beef jerky. Protein is one of the most important nutrients for those who are trying to lose weight or improve their muscle mass.    
·         Beef Jerky from Top Herd also contains other important nutrients like fat and carbohydrate. Healthy fats are extremely important for the body and carbohydrates can give you the energy required for daily tasks if taken in proper quantities.
·         Jerky also contains sodium and zinc which assist a number of important functions in the body. As you can see the nutrient count of beef jerky is diverse and complete.
Include Beef Jerky in Your Daily Meals

If you are tired of your diet plan and want to spice things up a little, beef jerky can come in handy. This will not only make your meals more delicious but also help you increase your intake of the healthy nutrients mentioned above.

Grated jerky can be a great addition to your everyday salad. Bit of jerky will not only give a whole new dynamic to a regular salad but also make it healthier. Chomped jerky can be added to your sauces to reduce them. Roasted beef jerky can be combined with Brussels sprouts for a quick healthy snack! 

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